Fighting for you life on the catwalk

Teen books and fashion school commercials produce interesting concepts. Imagine it, models forced to perform on the catwalk. One false move and the model can kiss her career, and life, goodbye.

Love it. Live it. Kill it. On the catwalk.


All it takes is one subliminal suggestion

That’s all it takes to plant the seed. Once the seed is planted, the suggestion will grow, branching up and outwards spreading its corruption over everything it comes in contact with until one day, the suggestion matures into an idea. After that, it’s too late. No matter how much you might try to get rid of the idea, it is there to stay, corrupting and covering the affected eyes with blinders. Sadly, the affected realize they have lived a life with blinders when it is too late. The new seeds of suggestion are sowed, and it starts all over again.

And, defenseless, there is nothing I can do. There is no point. My voice cannot be heard. The idea silenced it long ago.

Can 3G run at the same time as WiFi?

Sure, anyone can afford to buy a new iPhone, but can they really understand the technology behind it? Overheard in the AT&T store today:

Customer: Can you use the WiFi anywhere? Or do you need to use 3G?

Sales Person: Excuse me, what?

Customer: Can I use both WiFi & 3G at the same time? Or do I have to choose one or the other?

Sales Person: Do you even know what WiFi is?

Customer: No.

True story.

The Beginning

Resolutions sometimes take some time to take hold. I set to start working on creative projects as 2011 started. However, I did not quite make progress on that resolution until about three weeks ago when I found myself in a place where inward reflection was a necessary evil I had to deal with.

Finally, after much “I will do it tomorrow,” I am finally doing it. Go me.