Lessons learned while on vacation 

Puuhonua O Honaunau: City of Refuge

I was on vacation. Well, I was on a mental vacation (After my last post), then we (the husband and I) followed the mental vacation with an actual vacation. We learned several things while on our vacation:

  1. Small children should not be allowed in First Class (or more so, if the mother knows her child is going to be a crying, vomiting pill the entire 5 hour and 15 minute flight, maybe she should not book those First Class seats because I do not think that those of us who were sitting in First Class will be none too thrilled. note: we booked First Class, one way, because Honeymoon – it was our Honeymoon).
  2. While the cost for the shuttle is only $10 one way, make sure you have the time to travel an additional 40 minutes to get to your hotel (when it should only take 15 minutes).
  3. The rolling and shaking on a giant boat is similar to earthquake swarms. We worry when we next feel a tremor. We might have flashbacks to being back on the boat.
  4. The premium beverage package is both great and dangerous.
  5. If you are normally a very clean eater, making your meals 95% of the time, 10 days on a boat will do a number on your stomach (and your waistline, or thighs in my case). Sure the portions were small, but so much butter, so much sugar – how do people normally eat like that? How did I use to normally eat like that?
  6. The casino does not seem so appealing if all you earn is credit towards perks you already got for free when you booked your cruise.
  7. $39 for a Bingo board?!?!
  8. Sommeliers are the best people to become friends with on the boat – they become so generous with their pours.
  9. Soda does taste differently in a specifically designed glass (seriously, try this – pour some soda in a regular drinking glass, then pour some in a champagne glass. You will taste the difference. Mindblowing).
  10. The rolling motion of the boat works really well when getting a massage.
  11. A veranda is great, until you are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for 5 days. Brrrrr.
  12. By day 7, you are done, you are ready to go home, relax, being in your own bed, but you cannot. There are still three more days at sea.
  13. Sure you booked your ride home from the airport. Sure you confirmed they would be there to pick you up. Is it not amazing that when you land, you learn they never had you on their books? So, instead, you take a $200 taxi ride home, during Friday night Bay Area traffic, in a taxi with a maximum speed of 60mph?
  14. How wonderful it is to open the front door of your home to see that no-one broke in and stole your stuffs (a big concern because just before we left, there were a series of break-ins in our neighborhood).