Initially, I created this little space for myself as a means of venting, getting out what bothered me, or alarmed me. And after a lengthy internal conversation with myself, I came to the decision that yes, this will still be the place where I can vent and not feel bad about doing so.  I do so to encourage my personal quest to being better and true to me, and not anyone else. After eight years or so in a dormant state (hibernating), I am finally waking up and getting back on my feet, returning to my roots, reacquainting me with me.

So, with that in mind a few things you might want to know.

  • Think before you speak. I have very little patience for people who lack common sense. If you lack it, and I am witness to it, most likely it will end up here.
  • If you happen to find yourself expressing your stupidity while in my presence, it will end up here.
  • If you do not want me to point out these moments in your life, then you should avoid me entirely.
  • Or, remain quiet. However, if you happen to sit there, quiet and in front of me, I might express it here as well.

Every village needs its Village Idiot and if you do not want the post, you should stay as far from me as possible during as you flirt with stupidity. It’s might be best for both of us.


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