The Creative List

I’m a list-type person. Whether daily, weekly, errand-related, or whatever I feel I need a list for, I use lists to get shit done. It works. It works for me. I follow the list, I complete one of the items, I check it off and I move on to the next item. I remain calm, I feel like (as preciously stated) shit gets done. 

However, there is one list that I fear and avoid, except to add to. The “Creativity” list. 

You would think this is the one list I would love attending to the most, right? No. Instead, I am wary of it. Why? I am not sure, but the list has been growing. Finally, I am aggressively attending to checking items of said list. 

Here are the first two. 

Creativity List No. 1: Five of Wands Tarot.  I am not sure why I had this at the top of my list (again, I have had this list for a while).  So, here it is, the “Five of Wands”. Color pencil, ink, in paper. 

Creativity List No. 2: “Labyrinth as a background element”. For this piece, I thought about going the Henson route, draw Hoggle or Jared. I have to be honest with you — I am not a fan of the movie. I went with a favorite, Pan’s Labyrinth”. Ink on paper, featuring a lot of stippling. 

Tomorrow I start No. 3.

Stay tuned. I should have it done next week. 


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