When brain and body are not in alignment.

My body is reacting. My brain is not. My body is going through the motions of an anxiety attack, making sure I pay attention (love those sudden heart palpitations). My brain? It could care less.

My body is screaming “YOU HAVE TOO MUCH TO DO WHY AREN’T YOU FURTHER ALONG WHY ARE YOU STILL SITTING HERE DOING NOTHING CANT YOU SEE I AM TELLING YOU TO GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GET SHIT DONE?!?!?!?” (Ok, this might be what I assume it is screaming since that is what it usually screams at me. My brain usually does that).

My brain seems to be shrugging and saying “meh.”

While I appreciate that my brain cares about as much as a nonchalant cat on a sunny window sill, it would be nice if it sent a few nerve impulses to the rest of my body. You know, tell the rest of me to settle down and relax?

Or maybe I am having an adverse reaction to my morning cup of caffeine? Is that it brain?

Brain: “Maybe. This all started up when you switched the roast. Right”

Me: “Oh. Right. Well tomorrow this won’t matter because new coffee is arriving via the Bestie Bestie this evening. So, whatevs.”

Brain: “Great, but doesn’t that roast have a little more punch than what you are currently drinking?”

Me: “Right. I think? Crap.”


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