An Empty Page Update

Over the past week. there has been a lot of dislike and a few likes. I felt a lot of frustration.

For me, the biggest obstacle I have with this process is I tend to need perfection in what I do. It has to do with how I maintain and keep my anxiety attacks and depression at bay. To avoid the world crumbling down around me, I have to make sure I keep a structured order. Everything needs to be in its place and within a time table. I could go further into this, but I should save that for another post. For now, the abbreviated version will suffice.

I struggle with allowing myself to sit down and let my pencil go where it feels it needs to go. I have this notion in my head, that I need to have some idea, before I place the pencil tip down. This resulted in a lot of sketches that did not feel right at all. And became frustrated.

Big DaddyI decided that I am not ready for free flow and what I need to do first is draw what I see. Here is my the first piece I really like. It is not perfect, and I am alright with it.


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