Sure you can, but why?

Just because you can, does not mean you should. I am talking about that moment when you do something, or you see something, and immediately you reach for your phone, opening up your social media app of choice.

Now, ask yourself, why am I posting this? Why is it, precisely, that I am compelled to share what I am seeing, or eating, or watching, or thinking is necessary online?

Have you ever thought about how with each thing you post, your online identity grows and grows. If someone were to pull all the posts you made, the images you upload, the “news” bits you share, the quizzes you took, etc and put together a profile of who you are, what would they see?

Is it a positive impression? Negative? Maybe it shows how much you love kittens? Or maybe it shows your narcissistic tendencies. Or your need to have your voice heard? Who knows what it would show. It could very well show how boring and lonely your life is. It could show how desperate you are for people to acknowledge you, no matter what for.

For each person it would show something different. And that is alright. It is great that we all have the ability to be heard, one way or another. I only ask, just because you can, does it mean your should?

Note: I was curious what my profile posts would say about myself, so I went through my feed, from the date of creation to now. It was very interesting. I posted more status updates when I was single and alone. When I started dating, the posts turned to article shares. The final interactions were the occasional comments on a friend’s feed. 

Of course, I will share it here, very soon.


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