The Chill After a Dream

Do you ever find yourself experiencing chills after either a terrifying or disturbing dream? It is a chill that is all over your body. You are afraid to move because you are not sure if the dream followed you into the waking world, or if you are indeed awake. I tend to get these chills often.

I had them again last night after a disturbing dream.

I remember the beginning of the dream as my eyes focused on the the sky. A missile was on its way to the moon. Apparently, it was our last chance to save the Earth. If the missile impacted the moon at the precise angle, it would shift its orbit just enough to change the tides, changing the ecology of our planet, thus saving it (this is a dream, remember).

Well, the missile did not impact as planned. It swerved around its trajectory, eventually hitting the moon in a spot that split the moon into two sections – a third and two-thirds. Additionally, smaller parts of the split began to make their way into the atmosphere.

Immediately, as expected, people panicked and began to flee the cities. My parents called me from a market asking me what supplies we would need. I waited for my brother and his family within the walls of a home. I knew that if I ventured outside, bad things would happen. Somehow, I was safe inside.

In part to my sister-in-law slow dawdle to make sure we had everything we needed before heading out as well, we looked outside to see that nothing was happening.  Everything was the same. There was no cataclysmic event. There was no meteors raining from the sky destroying homes, setting fires. It was only quiet, sunny, peaceful. There was no need to leave.

Everybody else over reacted.

And then I woke up.

Why the chills? The idea of everything I knew was now changed – that might be it. The idea that at the first sign of bad news, everyone else did not remain level-headed. Everyone else panicked and ran away, instead of remaining calm.

Maybe the idea that overreacting caused more damage than good.

Maybe seeing the moon crack and split in two.

Or maybe it is disturbing because now I wonder if something like that could happen.

I guess I will ponder it a little longer. Something is going on in my head. It will sort itself out.

Hmmm. I have chills again.


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