Drawing a blank

For three days, I have been trying to figure out something to write about. I seem to be having a hard time at it. The funny thing is that when I am away from either my computer or pen & paper, items to write about pop in my head. It is a big tease.

Am I a dry well right now? Is that the problem? Well, no. For my birthday, I got a new digital piano (because I miss playing) and I have been playing that to remove the dust from my fingers. I have been baking up new treats in the kitchen, because I have cravings for sweet things (phantom PMS cravings is my guess). I also have been entertaining guests, celebrating birthdays, and absorbed with a board game.

Sitting down and writing was not in the cards. Still not quite yet. I hope it will return soon. My head is starting to become full again. I never do too well when it is really full.


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