Bad Poetry: Mental Note

Another entry to the Bad Poetry files. This one, is based on true events. Honest. It happened at a rather well-known chain restaurant that features some rather tasty (and high caloric) dessert offerings. I miss the days of pretending that I was not gaining an ounce of weight as I devoured piece after piece of overly-rich sugar overload. Why worry? I had a metabolism back then. Looking back at it now, ew and  gross.

Mental Note / spring 1995

My friend cracks his neck
While water pours from the side
Of his feminine mouth
We watch as we eat our cheesecake

He finds himself lost
In a pool of whipped cream and
He flings his unwanted share
Over and on to the sidewalk.

As he holds his sugared spoon above the flame,
I ask him politely
“What did the sidewalk ever do to you?”
He stares at me awkwardly.

I question why I thought
He would be a better companion
Than the boy with the cynical mouth.
We shrug and finish our cheesecake.


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