Entertaining myself during my college years.

College. Ahhh the memories of college.

I split up my college years between two colleges – first a junior college and then a four-year university. One semester, during my junior college stint, I would spend a two hour break between classes sitting under a tree, just outside the entrance student life area (aka, the food court). Sometimes, my friends and I would convene there. Other times, it would be just me, and the occasional other students, enjoying the shade of the tree.

The “occasional” students would have some very interesting conversations. This following conversation, in particular, I felt a strong need to jot down. I guess I was privy to one part of the conversation. Maybe she was on a phone? I am not sure. This was 1993 (or was it 1994). I even gave it a title. I am trying to remember why I referred to the girl as a “tuna.” Must have been something my friends and I thought was code for “annoying social girl.”

A conversation of a Tuna, while I sat beneath a tree.

“If he wanted to talk to me he would have stayed and talked. I dunno, Men are just like that. I was tan before you were tan before me. And I just said. He though you were pretty, not me. Josh is a babe. Tina was so full of it, cause he didn’t bring me up. I ate at your restaurant. Um. What was I saying? I’m like I’m going to Lake Havasu, yeah! She’s, like, gorgeous! (laughter) What? I hopefully will be older. It is not like I went up and met these guys. The short one looked like he had a goatee. I thought Michael was cute. Y’know, that guy we talked to. David is cute. Oh my God! They were sitting there. Yup. I have their phone number too, we should do it! Are you having a social with them? Shut up! Seriously! Do you have any gum? I wish my parents were gone. They want go away again. I want a boyfriend, so I think I am gonna tell Jason I do not want a relationship. I just wanted one for so long and now it is like why? What? I just want sex. I seriously do. The last person I had sex with – guess who? DANIEL!!! He’s better than anybody. That Shane guy, I told you about him – that guy from Santa Barbara. My friend was passed out. He was stiff as a board! I’ll wait till my guy is asleep. He is always late. Hello. Oh my God!”


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