Sometimes you just have to go with the flow

Sometimes, I think that I allow myself to overthink situations too much.

This is why I am currently working on a color pencil sketch of my brain. I am still working on it, making progress each time I sit down and pick up a color pencil in my hand. It started when I looked down at a blank piece of sketch paper. From there, I let the pen in my hand go anywhere over the page while I let the thoughts in my head go. It is an interesting look at where my mind is currently wondering.

It is not secret that I have been feeling really scatterbrained lately (more like several years). I am not sure which way I should head, whether it be a direction focusing on art, on writing, on design, or in an entirely new direction. I am spending so much time overthinking the options I have, but not taking any action.

I think that is why the current brain piece I am working on is so important. I am not overthinking the piece. I am going along with the flow, letting the space tell me what I need to do next, not what I need to place in a space. The only area where I might be thinking is when it comes to the color. I need some control over the final piece and that is where I stage my battle.


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