Since earlier this year, I have been battling a consistent case of being and airhead. However, I am not an airhead in the usual sense. I am lightheaded, consistently. I sit down, I get up and the world goes black for a few moments. It is not fun at all. It really cuts into my plan to be happy and carefree. How can I be happy and carefree if I might completely black out one of these times?

I had some blood work done earlier in the year and the results showed that my sodium count was low as was my Vitamin D. Apparently, I drink too much water, hence the low sodium thing. I also was under a considerable amount of stress. There were a lot of factors in my life that were just getting in the way of my ambition to get on with life.

Funny, because usually, you are told to get on with life. Yet, here is my body, telling me that it does not want to do that just yet. Is my body really going through drama withdrawals? Is that really a thing?

The thing, is that it went away for a few months, but now it is back, with a vengeance, and it is hindering my ability to focus on tasks. I hope that come Wednesday, I will have some answers from my doctor. If not, then I suppose I will have to figure out what options to take next.

Anyone ever find themselves in the position?


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