Trolling for chlorine

A friend of mine has been exchanging words with a troll via a local amusement park in her area’s social media page. I am not sure that she even knows she is.. She and the troll have gone back and forth about the cleanliness of a place. My friend’s gripe is that people do not follow the rules. The trolls defense is that if you don’t like the way the rules are followed, go somewhere else. Personally, I see the point the troll is making. If you are appalled by the cleanliness, then why would you want to go back? If a family member got sick at this location, why would it even be a second thought? Contact the company via the appropriate channels first, not in a public forum. If you don’t get the results you like, then report them to the BBB and let them investigate on your behalf. Simple.

I miss the days before social media networks.


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