How’s that tasting?

I enjoy baking my own bread. I like being in control over what ingredients go into my bread. I absolutely love the smell of loaf as is bakes in the oven. And the best part is the first bite, once it is cool enough to slice and eat. That being said…

Over the weekend, I baked a loaf of challah for my boyfriend. This time around, he asked me to add a little more sweetness to it. I did and we were both very eager to give it a taste. Breathing in the aroma while it baked made our desire to taste it increase. Finally the bread was done and cooling on the wire rack.

Usually, we allow the bread to cool down for fifteen minutes before we slice it up, or in this case, pull it apart. As my boyfriend takes a bite and starts chewing, this look comes over his face. I am not sure how to decipher it?

Me: “How does it taste?”

Him: “It tastes like hot.”



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