Continuing the bumpy road of 2014

This year continues to be difficult, to say the least. It is frustrating to keep hitting roadblock after roadblock. It is slowly defeating me, each and every week. Each time, I finally make some progress, there is something else to set me back again. I have tried to keep a positive attitude about everything so far, but I am starting to falter.

Fortunately, change is coming in the form of relocation. This time, however, it is now down the road 30 minutes but up the road to a entirely different part of the state. The last time I lived more than two hours from here was back when I was in college. Now, with 40 just around the corner, I am finally leaving.

I have been making big speeches to myself for the past two years that when I turn 40, I am going to change my life. Well, I am doing it.

I only hope the road starts to smooth.


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