Detour ahead

2014 has not quite started as I had intended it to start. I had big plans for this year, plans for new ventures and endeavors. Unfortunately, I have hit a few snags in the grand design and I find myself faltering a little. It is the 29th day of the month and I finally feel like I am getting my footing. I am hoping that my slow start is not a precursor of what’s to come. Or maybe it’s the old adage of “slow and steady wins the race.” Only time can tell I suppose, right?

What’s the hold up? Well, change. Change is happening in my life, which is good. The problem is that one of the changes places me in limbo. While I should be happy for the limbo (it means I do not have to take action right now), I do have to patiently wait for the limbo to pass before I can act. That requires me to continue to depend on others. I’m not good at depending on others. Right now, I have to do just that. It’s frustrating and and it’s stalling my great year of 2014 plan, causing me to be lazy, which is not part of the plan.

I suppose, I still have a little time. I did tell myself that I would be ready to go by the time I turned 40. It was much easier to make that statement two years ago. 40 is just around the corner.


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