My one night stand with a super hero

I had fling with Captain America the other night.  I know, right? It is kind of hard to believe, but I did.

In fact, we were getting to know each other rather intimately. At least we were until Dolph Lundgren walked in with his two kids. Initially, I tried to ignore him standing there. I was really feeling good at that point, if you catch my drift –  but once his kids started watching, I was done. I pushed Captain America off of me and walked over to Dolph and his kids. The kids ran off, but Dolph remained behind. He had some crazy new hand held GPS device he was trying to figure out. He was so engrossed in the device that he did not even notice me standing there, naked, watching him.

As for Captain America? Not too sure where he went after that.

True story people. Then, my phone alarm woke me up.


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