My eye is twitching

I am tired of the self-absorbed individuals I come across today. It’s the idea that these individuals feel they are entitled to request what they need, as a demand, not asking if I have time or have other projects I am working on, ignoring any consideration that what they want is not possible. No matter how I put it, these individuals do not understand what “No” means.

I understand that it does not hurt to try, and that is a great way to learn – to try, try again and then again for good measure. However. sometimes you have to know your limitations and trying will only lead to added frustration or, in my case, an annoying case of random eye twitch.

I could be direct and I can place the word in a box, wrap it with a pretty little bow and deliver it on a silver platter, and people still will not understand what “No” means. And in case you are one of those people, here is a little lesson, learned long ago in those personal safety lessons:

“No” means “No.”

Flattering can be thrown in my direction. You can shower me with gifts, wine and dine me, but the answer will still be “no.” What is so hard about understanding this?


That’s it.




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