12 steps to a better you…begin!

As part of my resolutions/goals for 2013, I vowed to take a look at my life. This is to be the last year of my thirties. I do not want to go into my 40’s looking back in regret, feeling sorry for myself, lacking confidence and pointing blame at every one else but myself. I want to go into my 40’s feeling strong and confident, proud of my choices, not afraid of what people think – even if my choices are against the grain. I would not be me if I was to fall in line like a lemming, now would I?

The first step was to find inspiration. I spent January reintroducing things that inspire me. My journal went with me everywhere in one form or another, waiting for that one moment when inspiration would hit. Whether it is bound or on my phone, I wrote down ideas, feelings, lists – anything that I want to preserve in written form. Then, on the weekends, I went to museums. I would wander from room to room, until I found the one piece that woke something up in me – Tall Figure IV by Alberto Giacometti at the Norton Simon Museum was the one such piece. I found my inspirational kickstart.

Finding inspiration will allow my dormant creative self to start the process of emerging from hibernation. It’s been a while since I lived a true creative life. The portrait of my nieces I created in December was initial nudge. But I still a more persistent nudge to wake up completely. While I allow my creative self to fully wake up, I decided that I am to spend the second month of 2013 looking at roadblocks.

The roadblocks are a little trickier. What are the road blocks? Negativity? Fear? Elitism? Doubt? Thankfully, I have the month of February to sort this out. Unfortunately, I have the month of February to sort this out.


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