Good Days and Bad Days

There are days that start as good days but quickly turn to bad. I consider these the worst days I can have. I wake up with high hopes. I look forward to all the projects I have slated. I make plans for what I want to cook. I look forward to the morning ritual or waking up my work computer, doing my morning puzzle, jotting down my battle plan for the day and having that first cup of tea. The day always has so much promise at this point. I feel good. I can do anything. The day is bright and I am humming.

Then, someone throws a curve ball. Then, another. Before I know it, I am topsy turvy and the day has now turned black and tears run down my face. I hate it.

Days like this make me miss my zombie days – when nothing affected me at all. I could take all the curve balls and keep moving forward. However, returning to the zombie days is not an option. Instead, I need to look at days like this as lessons in how to persevere.

So, yes, today was not a good day. Today was a lousy day. But the great thing about today is that soon it will be over and another day will start – full of promise, full of potential. Goodbye bad day and hello good day.


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