Tapping into the subconscious

My subconscious can make a very persuasive argument at times. Usually, my subconscious speaks to me when I dream. Nine out of ten times, my subconscious is usually right. When I talk about it in public, I give it another name – “My Gut.”

“My Gut” has told me again and again that the men I was involved with were only emotional heartburn that took time to fix and heal. “My Gut” has told me that I should not trust certain people and not to bother with others. Sometimes, “My Gut” will harass me in dreams, night after night, demanding I deal with issues or situations that I keep avoiding when I am awake.

I have learned not to ignore “My Gut” and have led a more mentally stable existence because of it. Sometimes, I might stray, but “My Gut” intervenes and makes sure I resume the correct course immediately. I am fortunate to have “My Gut.” It always looks out for my best interests. You might say she is my guardian angel.

I feel sorry for others out there who’s subconscious do not look out for them when faced with life-alternating choices. Instead their subconscious sends them down paths that are based on fear, outside influences, incoherent or illogical thinking to name a few. A person’s subconscious can suggest an idea and the person will become fixated on that idea. They will then tell themselves over and over that the idea is how things must be, and somehow this idea must be made in to a reality. The person might think that this idea is realistic. Then, reality does hit and the person is now faced with confronting the idea – no longer an idea, but the person’s future.


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